Hi and Welcome

Hello! My name is Alexandria I am starting a new blog hoping that I can share my knowledge and my twist on DIY projects. First I will quickly introduce myself, but you can read more about me and my family on the About Me page. I am a new SAHMom that does nails here and there on the side while the little Bug is asleep. With doing nails I LOVE glitter! So my Life is Full of Glitter !! Thus where the name of my blog came from. On here I plan to document put my projects or anything that is going on in my life; Printable’s, Recipes, Menu Planning and so on.

Side note: I love to make printable’s !!!

Anyway! Thank you for stoping by and I hope you stick around! If you would like updates when I post new things please fill out a subscription on the right hand menu. Also if there is something you are wanting to see more of please email me and let me know!

Thanks Again and Enjoy!


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