Sorry….We are OUT of Candy!

Halloween is just a couple days away and I hate it when I do not buy enough candy. We don’t have a ton of kids that go around in our neighborhood so because of that and the fact that my loves halloween and loves to scare everyone, I usually buy bigger treats.
Out of candy1

The treats I got this year is Shasta Soda, we usually buy 5 or 6 12 packs. Actually last we did Shasta Soda we well, but the year before that we purchased full size candy bars. (Fun Candy Display that I used for when I gave out full sized candy bars.) I have also given out small containers of play dough, for younger kids, microwave popcorn and small bags of chips.

I have only ran out of treats once and I felt so bad that I didn’t have a sign cause even when I turned off my porch light I still had kids come to the door. 😦 So this year I made this and hopefully I don’t have to use it LOL and kind of deep down I hope I do cause it’s so cute!

Out of Candy4X6

You can print off you own free “Sorry! We are OUT of Treats!”

I have formatted two different sizes



I will be posting more printables over on the Printables Page.



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