First Time Making Cakes

Buggy Cake

So quite a few years ago I made a Baby Buggy Cake for a couple friends that were having babies. It was my first time making a cake! Oh my gosh it was so scary but oh my gosh so much fun. I cut cakes in half then filled with raspberry filling.

 DSC00824  DSC00826

Here is just a little step by step of what I did. I used the star tip (I am not sure what size)

DSC00853  DSC00854

Then the finished project!!

DSC00860  DSC00856 DSC01371

Flip Flop Cake

Then I made a Flip Flop Cake for my cousin. (She loves Flip Flops)

So to get the flip flop shape, I got an actual flip flop cut it out of wax paper. I used 2 boxes cake mix (I know I didn’t make it from scratch! LOL) Each flip flop is one box of cake.


I used a star tip again I don’t remember what size I used.

DSC01565   DSC01570

The strap of the flip flops are Nerds Rope. The finished Product!!

DSC01580    DSC01588



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