DIY Cabbage Patch Doll Costume


This is seriously the cutest costume! I know its after Halloween and I am a little late on posting it but…OH WELL!

So here it is!


Big Cardboard Box

Yellow Construction Paper or Wrapping Paper (Linked is what it looks like not the one I purchased)

Umbrella Stroller

Green Plastic Table Cloth

Serrated Knife (This is the one I used the Pointed tip helps break through the cardboard)

Packing Tape

Pencil or Pen

Sharpies, Craft Paint or Printed off Flowers

Ok – So now that you have gathered everything you are ready to go!

Take the box and draw on the shape that you will be cutting out.Once you have done that then cut it out with the Serrated Knife. Cut out a square out of the bottom of the box that will go around the stroller. Also I wish I would have cut out a smaller square out of the top of the box to be able to look down at the little Cabbage Patch Baby!! Once you have cut all that
hold the box up to the stroller and see where the handles meet the box and mark that and just out a little slit for them to fit into.


Now you will cover the box with the yellow wrapping paper or construction paper. (Now I did spray paint the box first LOL bad idea! The yellow paper looked 10 Times Better!!

Here is what it looked like with spray paint! Yuck!


IMG_5379       IMG_5380

This is what it looks like covered with the Yellow Wrapping Paper!! AMAZING!

Cover the inside of the box with the green table cloth. Then use the rest of the table cloth to cover the stroller.

Remember to be using the Packing Tape to tape all this down. It works so much better then regular wrapping paper tape.




I just taped the table cloth onto the stroller.


Ok so here I drew on flowers with Sharpies and did not like it at all so then I printed off flowers, cut them out and pasted them on.


See the printed off flowers look AMAZING!!! I also looked up a Cabbage Patch Doll Birth Certificate and printed that off with all her information and then pasted the certificate onto cardboard and put that on the box. IMG_5449

My mom made the yarn wig! IMG_5411

Finished product!!!!IMG_5458



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