Saige Lee’s Candy Land First Birthday Extravaganza! Part 1

IMG_9941-1Part 1 – Decorations

Our Little Bug turned one October 2015. I will admit I started planning this birthday party when she was ugh….I really hate to admit this LOL. When she was about 2 WEEKS OLD! I know, I know…but hey it was AMAZING!!!!

So first off let’s talk a little bit about how I do my party planning. I use my Party Planner Printable. It helps me organize everything I need for the party and everything I am wanting to do at the party as well as helps me “stay on budget” LOL ok….lie LOL (for this party LOL I did not stay on budget – because I didn’t set a budget. So we won’t talk about how much I spent.)

Let’s start with the Decorations of the Party –


I love making printables! I make most of my printables in Photoshop and Pages (for the Mac).

Candyland Invite1


I wanted to do the road like Candy Land so I got 12 X 12 Colored Paper from Hobby Lobby. I purchased 2 packages of  Primary Cardstock Paper Pack (Of course when they are on sale)

*Side Note* If you are wanting something from Hobby Lobby and it is not on sale wait until the next week and it usually goes on sale. If it does not go on sale the next week then it doesn’t go on sale and then I will usually buy it with their 40% Off Coupon they run every week.

In addition to the paper pack I purchased Pink and Purple individual papers 10 of each color. I then put the colors in the order I wanted. The night before the party is when I put the path down. I just used Packing Tape to tape the papers together then every 4th or 5th paper I would tape to the floor to help hold them down while people walked on them. To make cutting the tape I of course of a Packing Tape Dispenser Gun.


Banners & Signs

The banners that I made I purchased 8 1/2 X 11 Primary Cardstock Paper Packs, Pink and Purple individual papers. Cut those in half and then cut a triangle out of one of the sides. The letters that are glued on are the background of the invite that I made just rotated. I punched two hole at the top then used Bakers Twine (I LOVE this for other projects as well.)



Every month I made a pictures collage that I would post on Instagram and Facebook. I went to DIY Photography and got them printed and hung them up on the Bakers Twine with Clothespins. I plan on using them in her scrapbook that I “Planned” on starting already LOL that has not been done yet!


The big Candy Land Signs I purchased from Shindigz. I just need to tell you I am in LOVE with these signs. The quality is amazing! I can not wait to use them again!! I once again used the Bakers Twine and taped it to the back of each sign and hung them from the ceiling.


The Paper Straw Banner was another favorite of mine and I must say very easy to make. You take Paper Straws and cut them in half then get a heavy duty needle and string them on string, I used Bakers Twine.


Candy Buffet Backdrop

This backdrop was so easy! They are plastic tablecloth!! (The ones link are not the exact ones but very they are what they looked liked.) I have them hanging from Bakers Twine. I took one side (short side) of the tablecloth and bunched it up and then folded it over the Bakers Twine about 3 inches and then taped it down bunched up. Repeated that for all the color and then pined it up.


Wrapped Candy

These are so easy! I got Ball Pit BallsCellophane  and Small Elastics. I cut the Cellophane about 8 1/2 inches then depending on the width of your Cellophane I was able to fold it in fourths and cut at the folds so I had four pieces from one cut! I wrapped one of the square of Cellophane around the ball and taped it then took the Small Elastics and wrapped it around each open end. POOF! Wrapped Candy is made! Then just taped them up on the wall.


Year in a Review Board

This I again made the printable in Photoshop and printing was done at DIY Photography. This board is a 16 X 20 Foam Board.



I just used white table cloths (Fabric) and down the center of the tables I used the game pieces and the cards from the Candy Land Game. I went to a couple of D.I. (Deseret Industries – that is our local thrift store) and got some Candy Land Games for $1.00!!! You can’t beat that! The Dinnerware was so cute and matched our color theme perfect! It was actually from my wedding dinner from 8 years ago!! Good thing my mom holds on to things. Well we purchased them 8 years ago from Dollar Tree. The napkins were from Oriental Trading.


Sign In Table

I had a sign in table that everyone signed their name on some of the Candy Land playing cards and I made a sign explaining that I wanted everyone to write what they thought Saige Lee would be doing when sh is 20 in 2034! (2034 THAT IS JUST CRAZY!!) Anyway…. I had some left over banner paper so I just cut that up and had them write on that. Then I made a cute tootsie roll shaped container (Coming Soon – Tootsie Roll Shaped Container) that I had them put the signature cards and time capsule cards in.



Lollipop Lanes

For the Lollipop Bowling Lanes I collected Smart Water bottles and peeled off the label and then spray painted them white. Then I just cut out circles and taped them to the bottles. The kids loved this game!


Gift Basket

The is the coolest Gift Basket ever!! My parents have has this HUGE basket for ever and it usually just keeps blankets and such. But for this special occasion we used it as the gift basket.


Candy Land Continued


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