Saige Lee’s Candy Land First Birthday Extravaganza! Part 2

PART 2 – Food

The Candy Land Food was a very very fun part of this as well!

Let’s continue with the Food of the Party –

Candy Buffet


The Candy Buffet was lot of fun and also a little time consuming for me only because I started buying the candy a couple months ahead of time so it wouldn’t be a huge expense for me! LOL So let’s talk a little bit about the candy; First you need to decided which candy you want, which oh my goodness! That is kinda hard, you don’t realize how many different candy there is.  I did do some research on where the least expensive candy is. WINCO Won! – Their bulk section is great. So I made a list of which candy I wanted and starting buying from there. I purchased about 3-5 lbs of each candy. I had 10 different kinds of candy; Gum Balls, Fruit Tootsie Rolls, Runts, Gummy Bears, Skittles, Pixie Sticks, Fruit Sours, Gum Drops, Jolly Ranchers and Sour Patch Kids.



I also made the labels for the candy on Photoshop. Most all of the labeling I used the background of the invite and changed the text of it.  I also made a cute sign saying to grab a bag and take some candy. The Treat Bags were so cute and I got at Oriental Trading.

Candy Label 1


Chocolate Fountain

So I did a Chocolate Fountain but that could have been easily switched out for a Fondue. My aunt already had the Chocolate Fountain so we just used that. The food items I had to dip in the chocolate were; Banana’s, Pretzels, Marshmallows, Strawberries and Fruity Pebble Treats. I also had some PolkaDot Baking Cups for everyone to put the chocolate in first so we didn’t have any double dippers or fingers in the chocolate! I also had these cute Lollipop Lane Dessert Plates.


I also made the labels that looked just like the ones above for the food for the Chocolate Fountain.

Spaghetti Bar

So the Spaghetti Bar was fun because I dyed the noodles the rainbow colors. (Coming Soon – Noodle Dying Tutorial) I had two different sauce options; Red Spaghetti Sauce and Homemade Alfredo Sauce. I purchased meatballs from Costco. Then we had some bread sticks, garlic bread and a Salad.


Cookies and Ice Cream

The cookies are just sugar cookies and white cookie frosting that I purchased at Dick’s Bakery in Centerville, Utah. My mom and I divided the frosting, colored it and then frosted them ourselves. I then laid them out to look like the road on the game.


The Cake

I am so in love with her cake!! My good friend Jessica over at Sweet Bottom Cakes made this AMAZING cake for the smash cake event!




*All Photography done by Jaclyn over at Jaclyn Heward Photography

This birthday party was so amazing! Yes I did go a tad bit over board LOL but oh well it was great and worth every penny! (We won’t talk about how many pennies it did take LOL)



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