Corn Puff Crack!

Corn Puff Crack

Oh my gosh! Let me just tell you EASY and AMAZINGLY delicious this Corn Puff Crack is and only 2 ingredients!

Ok so here we go you are going to see how easy this is!



Corn Puffs (Winco so far has the cheapest I have seen.)

Chocolate (I use almond bark but any chocolate would be fine.)

That is it!!!


Divide the Corn Puffs into two big bowls (This is if you are doing a White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate or two different colors of White Chocolate.)

Melt Chocolate – If using almond bark I usually do 6 squares for a half of a big bag of corn puffs. Use your best judgement with whatever bag you buy. (I just use the microwave for 1 minute then 30 sec intervals until its not thick.) 

Pour Chocolate on Corn Puffs (I pour all around the corn puffs not just in one spot.)

With a rubber scraper mix the chocolate around till the puffs are coated good. (If you notice you are needing more chocolate put some more in while you are mixing.)

If you are doing white and milk chocolate or two different colors of chocolate wait a little bit before combining them together. I usually wait about 5-10 minutes, usually just until I am done cleaning up.

ENJOY!!! You are done once you have combined the two bowls. Make sure before you take it to your party to set aside a little for you this stuff goes fast!IMG_6249.jpg

I’ll try and get a video posted this weekend.





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