Weekly Activity Boxes

Since having Cael (6 months ago) I have kinda felt like the T.V. has been Saige Lee’s entertainment…..Ok I haven’t felt that way it has been! She has learned while I am feeding him she can get a way with ANYTHING! Then I just end up yelling at her to get out of the sugar, the baking cupboard, and the list goes on. So to keep her close to me I give her the phone and turn on a game. I have been trying to think of ways of turning off the electronics to keep her engaged, so I put together these Weekly Activity Boxes.


They are very easy to put together and fairly inexpensive – most of the supplies I purchased at Dollar Tree.


  • Clear Tote (I purchased a 14 QT. from Staples.)
  • Vinyl Days of the Week (You could just write it on there if you do not have access to vinyl.)
  • Activity Supplies (I purchased most everything from Dollar Tree.)

Ok so I labeled all the totes one for each day of the week.



Then I laid out all the activity items:
Flash Cards
Coloring Book
Sticker Books
Pipe Cleaners
Bingo Markers
Finger Paints (Purchased from Kmart)
White Boards
Coffee Filters
Pom Poms
Magnetic Drawing Board (Purchased from Kmart)
Dry Erase Markers
3 in 1 Activity Pad


(I purchased two items from my local Kmart that is closing so the items were 40% off.)

Then I laid out all the totes and divided the activity items into each tote. I tried to make items even through out the week.img_3188_fotorimg_3191_fotor

Once all the items were divided out I placed the totes at the top of Saige Lee’s closet.


There you go!

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