About Me


Hi I’m Alexandria!

I love Crafting, Cooking and really anything DIY! I have done nails for 8 plus years in that time I opened a Salon Dazzlin Digits in 2011. Running and working in the salon was a great experience and I learned so much from it. I closed the salon in 2013 so my husband and I could live out our dream of owning our own home and 6 months later that dream came true! We then continued with our dreams and our family grew by one! Our cute and amazing daughter was born in October of 2014. I then began my SAHMom adventure with her. Being a SAHMom was been great, I have been able to be here with her and do my crafty and DIY things as well!

With this blog I hope to help you create the crafts, recipes and any DIY things you need help with or inspire you in anyway.

Thanks Again and Enjoy!