Halloween Meal Ideas!

Here are so cute Halloween Meal Ideas that you can do for Halloween. hallowwen meals 1-5

  1. Hand-Burgers Dripping with Blood – Fun way to do hamburgers, just easily shape them into a little hand.
  2. Ghost Lunch – Such a cute theme for lunch just a ghost cookie cutter to cut out the ghost sandwich. (Ghost Boogers are Marshmallows)
  3. Open-Faced Pumpkin Sandwiches – Just by using small cookie cutter to create the cheese fare. How simple!
  4. Jack – O – Lantern Quesadillas – Such a different way to do quesadillas!
  5. Candy Corn Quesadillas – How cute and simple spin on a quesadilla. hallowwen meals 6-10
  6. Spookily the Square Pumpkin – Great to theme a lunch off of a book, and a cute tradition to        start with The Legend of Spookily the Square Pumpkin book.
  7. Weiner Worms – I love this spin on hot dogs and who knew they would curl up like that.
  8. Spooky Spider PB&J – Turn a regular PB&J sandwich into a spooky treat!
  9. Frightful Fall Hop – Another cute and frightful way to do hot dogs!
  10. Puking Pumpkins – Fun way to put a spin on spaghetti.

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