Veggie Cabin

veggie cabin

I love to make different things with veggies trays I have made a Veggie Christmas Tree and Olive Penguins and then this Veggie Cabin.

Christmas 2013 is when I made this Veggie Cabin for our family Christmas party.

I got the idea from The Green Giant Facebook Page. There is also instructions on the image description.

Here is what we used to make our veggie lodge:
Six 8″- carrot logs (One for front, five for back)
Eight 5″- carrot logs (sides of lodge)
Eight 3″- carrot logs (front)
Eight 1 1/4″ – short spacer logs (by front door)
Four 1 1/2″ – carrot logs (to create side window opening)
Three 7″ -carrot log rafters
Sixteen 6″ – 7″ long stalks of celery (for roof)
The foam core board gable ends measure 8″x 6″ x 6″
The foam core board floor/base measures 8″ x 5″ (plus extra on the back for chimney if desired)
The window is made out of a slice of turnip.
Use toothpicks if necessary, in addition to cream cheese mortar to fasten cucumbers and celery.
Use bamboo skewers for stacking chimney mushroom “stones.”IMG_5040

(Image from Green Giant)


A couple things that I found out after getting started! 

1 – It will take a lot of bags of carrots to get them enough of them thick enough as well as long enough which is 8″. I purchased about 5-6 2Lb bags.

2 – To make then into a log shape I used a Apple Slicer and used the core part of it.

3 – Build the cabin before putting cream cheese and toothpicks in.


4 – Tooth picks and Skewers were my best friend!

5 – The cream cheese worked good but you defiantly needed the toothpicks and skewers.


6 – I put a skewer through the top of the celery to hold them all together – Worked great!IMG_5054-1

Finished Product on the Veggie Tray!!



I love making things like this and testing to see what I can do! If there is anything you would like to see me make just e-mail me! 





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