Pink & Grey Nursery


Saige Lee was my first child and oh my gosh did I have a ton more time to decorate her nursery then I did with my second. (I’ll post his when I am done LOL)

I decided I wanted Pink and Grey for her crib quilt and wanted those same colors in her nursery. Oh My Gosh!! Trying to find Pink and Grey fabric (back in 2014) was SO hard!! Now you find it everywhere.

So first I needed to find the fabric designs I wanted. On the hunt I went, my mom and I went to seriously 20 different fabric stores. Finally I found the ones I wanted! It was the last store we went to and it wasn’t one that was on our list we were driving to meet my dad for lunch and I saw. Quilts Etc. it is such a cute store and had EVERYTHING I wanted!! img_6316

So with that fabric we (ok let’s be honest LOL) my mom made the quilt. Her friend helped cut out the fabric and then her and I decided which fabric we wanted by each other and then my mom sewed it all together. Here is what the quilt looked like while we were deciding where to put each square.img_6337

With the left over fabric I got Embroidery Hoops and put the fabric in them to put on the wall with her name. img_6317

The wood for her name is from Wood Connection.img_6460-2

I painted them then covered the letters with scrapbook paper. img_6474img_6488img_6490

So that covers one wall in her room. The hubs and I then painted her accent wall gray.img_6253img_6255img_6259

I made tissue paper ball and got some Chinese Lanterns to hung up above her crib.

(Thank you Pinterest!) img_6495img_6499

I put two white hooks and used fishing line to hang the Tissue Paper Balls and Chinese Lanterns. img_6509img_6514

I had some gray curtains from when I owned my salon that I used for the curtains and valance in her room.img_6718

I got this cute pink Chandelier at Hobby Lobby. img_6510

Then my mom and dad got me this awesome rocking chair that definitely got used.

The rocking chair is from WalMart.img_6700

That completed the room. I was finally done!img_2199

I spy a cute little baby!img_2198

I had one more thing I wanted to add to her room, Book Shelves! I had seen some great ideas on Pinterest and knew that I wanted to use the clear book shelves that I had seen. It took some searching but I finally found the ones I wanted.

Here is the corner before….img_3688

…and after! (I spy that same cute baby a little older then the last picture!) The Shelves are Clear Acrylic Card Holders from AchieveDisplay.img_3690




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